Husk Power Systems + Hybrid Power Plants

Husk Power Systems designs, builds, owns, and operates one of the world’s lowest-cost hybrid power plant and distribution networks, focused on rural parts of India and East Africa. With its unique system, Husk Power Systems combines solar PV, biomass gasification, and batteries to provide decentralized, affordable, and reliable power to rural communities and businesses from 100 percent renewable energy sources (solar and agricultural waste). Husk also offers customers a flexible pay-as-you-go energy service, using a mobile-enabled smart metering system. Its solution is grid-compatible, meaning Husk can roll it out quickly and cost effectively to support national electrification plans.

Natel Energy + Restoration Hydro

Natel Energy is an Alameda, California-based provider of low head hydroelectric power systems. Natel Energy has developed three systems enabling cost-effective production of low impact, distributed, reliable renewable energy, while maintaining the health of watershed ecosystems and the communities who surround them. This allows the company to achieve what they call “Restoration Hydro”, which integrates their hydroEngine turbines into river systems, using innovative and adaptive civil works to ensure safe upstream and downstream fish passage and low environmental impact. 

Seaformatics Systems + WaterLily Portable River Turbine

WaterLily is developed by Seaformatics, a Canadian company that specializes in hydro-power solutions for commercial and consumer markets. At Seaformatics, they recognize that technology is important to the modern outdoor enthusiast whether it is for work, recreation, or off-grid living. With the WaterLily, water is mineralized with calcium and magnesium before it is channeled to a free standing or existing tap. A pair of Hydropanels can produce between four to ten litres of potable water per day and store a combined total of 60 litres.




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