Green Flame Environment Association

The Association Flambeau Vert de l’Environnement, or the Green Flame Environment Association, is a non-profit organization based in Constantine, Algeria. It was started by a group of young people concerned with ecological conservation. Its members mostly consist of environmental engineers and ecological students. Their approach usually includes hosting educational events and programs to spread awareness of environmental degradation and how individuals can help. They also host seminars on pollution and waste, host neighborhood waste clean ups, celebrate international environmental holidays such as international arbor day and world mountain day, and provide education about the importance of biodiversity and sustainable tourism. 


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R20 Med

The R20 Mediterranean is a branch of the international non-profit organization R20 based in Oran, Algeria. The R20 Med brings together investors, decision makers, and innovators to implement low carbon or carbon-neutral projects, increase sustainable waste management, and foster renewable energy technology projects in the waliya of Oran to establish a green economy for years to come. The R20 was founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger along with the UN and other NGOs in 2011. They receive funding from many prominent organizations such as the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. 


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