EcoProject is a non-profit NGO established by experts in the field of sustainability and is based in Minsk, Belarus. Their work focuses on improving the health of the Belarusian environment and its citizens through sustainability and energy related projects. Their educational climate change initiative teaches about the causes and effects of climate change and what individuals can do in their daily lives to make a difference. In their work, EcoProject collaborates with  individuals, scientific and educational institutions, governmental agencies, and community organizations. 


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Bahna is a non-governmental and non-profit organization in Belarus dedicated to wildlife protection, sustainable resource management, and biodiversity conservation. Their methods of working on these issues include: legal assistance and advice on sustainable wildlife management, policy advocacy, environmental education, environmental management counseling, writing environmental blog posts, and collaboration with the Belarus government to complete projects and pass environmental legislation.


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The Center for Environmental Solutions

The Center for Environmental Solutions (CES) in Belarus is a non-profit NGO established in 2009. Their mission is to educate Belarusians on living ecologically friendly lifestyles, to promote ideas of sustainability, and to develop environmental cooperation and collaboration internationally. CES believes that Belarus has an important role to play on mitigating climate change, and improving in certain areas such as renewable energy usage, waste management, transportation, chemical safety, water management, and agriculture are crucial in slowing the trajectory of climate change and creating a healthier lifestyle for all. 


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