Save the Earth Cambodia (STEC)

Save the Earth Cambodia (STEC) is a NGO that empowers institutions and the gender responsive community including marginalized, vulnerable, indigenous etc. on agriculture, health, NRM (water, land, forest, natural resources etc.), sustainable eco-friendly livelihoods in order to reduce the climate change impacts and disasters. They do this by creating awareness, advocacy, and gender empowerment. Through this support, they help communities build healthy and environmentally friendly communities and public institutions. Save the Earth promotes environmental & energy facilities, builds local capacity at community and institutional levels and generates awareness in the community and in the local authorities in regard to climate change and gender issues.


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The Cambodia Climate Change Network (CCCN)

The Cambodia Climate Change Network (CCCN) is a non-governmental organization initiated by several NGOs, such as Oxfam and Save Cambodia’s Wildlife, compelled by the will to bring  a more collective civil society approach to address the climate change challenges and opportunities in Cambodia. Although CCCN first developed as a casual network for members, they later developed to become a more formal network that includes local and international NGOs, associations, private organizations and individuals to further develop and coordinate climate change work in Cambodia. The organization works to allow both climate change and local issues to be taken into consideration in order to create projects that simultaneously benefit Cambodian communities and the environment.


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