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The Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) is one of the leading environmental NGOs in Hungary, recognized as a national federation consisting of over 60 NGOs. The activities of CAAG include research, consulting, public awareness campaigns, publishing and advocacy at the local, national and international levels. Their reputable work has earned them many accepted proposals proposed to their Parliament such as the introduction of green taxes and implementation of distance-based truck fees.


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Humusz Szövetség

Humusz Szövetség (formerly known as the Waste Working Association) is a NGO that operates as an association of 14 Hungarian environmental organizations. They actively work and participate in the promotion of sustainable production and consumption practices, public counseling, environmental education, dissemination of knowledge, community, and networking. Their mission is to enable sustainable production and consumption an everyday practice in Hungary. Humusz Szövetség has also established an informal Zero Waste Network where 44 national network members work towards local waste reduction.


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