Reforest Sri Lanka

Reforest Sri Lanka is a citizen based NGO working to fight deforestation in the island nation. Reforest Sri Lanka sources saplings from rural communities and farmers as a means of support and encouragement of the local communities, empowering small business and entrepreneurs in rural areas. Additionally, Reforest works with volunteers from throughout the world to plant trees and saplings across the country. Reforest also seeks to work alongside the Ministry of Environment and seek legal reforms to help combat illegal activities.


***Categories: Forest Conservation and Preservation, Communities, Sustainability

FEO Sri Lanka

FEO Sri Lanka, or the Federation of Environmental Organizations, is a registered Trust that is governed by a Board comprised of passionate conservationists who are committed to working with all relevant government agencies and private organizations to provide them with support in addressing crucial environmental issues, affecting Sri Lanka’s precious natural heritage. FEO’s main goal is to form an umbrella organization for the conservation community in Sri Lanka that will report, prioritize and lobby for the effective conservation of the Sri Lankan environment and will be capable of countering all threats to the country’s environment as a single, unified voice.


***Categories: Communities, Conservation, Climate Change


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