1 Million Women

1 Million Women is an organization led by members who want to build a strong movement in fighting climate change, through their households, communities, and workplaces. Founder, Natalie Isaacs, used to work in cosmetics manufacturing before she got an epiphany on the impact of all her daily actions, even at home. Now, she leads the organization to its goal of involving one million women in the pledge to save energy, reduce waste, cut pollution and start change. As of today, 830,000 members represent the “women and girls from every corner of the planet, building a lifestyle revolution to fight the climate crisis.”


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Climate Action Network Australia

Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) is a diverse network with shared leadership that links people to organizations working towards a shared vision. The Network supports valued goal achievements and provides aid to reach these accomplishments, in Australia and globally. To do this, the Network co-designs climate campaigns and projects, drafts policies to forward environmental action, and joins international like-minded networks. The organization’s vision is to reduce Australia’s climate pollution to zero, and protect its people and natural environment from the effects of climate change.


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Australian Conservation Foundation

Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) is Australia’s national environment organization which fights for a world where forests, rivers, people and wildlife can simultaneously thrive. With more than 700,000 members, ACF won World Heritage listings for Kakadu National Park and the Great Barrier Reef, while also stopping mining activity in Antarctica. Additionally, ACF led the world’s largest climate march in 2015.


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