Organizations, Businesses, Government Entities, Religious Organizations, etc. that have signed the Global Climate Pledge

We are honored to have the following organizations lead the climate action movement in their cities, countries, and regions!

Together we will build a global legacy in protecting our planet.

599 Pledged and counting...

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Rotary Club of UlaanbaatarUlaanbaatarMongolia
SOSTENICA INCWest ChesterUnited States
Rotary Chincha PeruChinchaPeru
Rotary Club of NepalgunjNepalgunjNepal
Sheridan Rotary ClubSheridanUnited States
Dr. Liz MDFoster CityUnited States
Andromeda DistrictCoral GablesUnited States
Clean Climate and Environment Campaign InitiativeLagosNigeria
MEANS DatabaseWashington, DCUnited States
Rotaract Club AvanaAntananarivoMadagascar
Rotary Club Dillibazar, Kathmandu, NepalKathmanduNepal
Rotary Club Of TripoliTripoliLebanon
Rotary Club of MaharajgunjKathmanduNepal
Rotary Club Of Patan Durbar SquareLalitpurNepal
Rotary Club of Butwal, RI Dist 3292ButwalNepal
Rotary club of Central LumbiniBhairahawaNepal
Rotary club of Bharatpur-Bharatpur, ChitwanNepal
Rotary Club of Kelana JayaKUALA LUMPURMalaysia
Kankali community ForestChitwanNepal
Rotary Club of LamjungBesishaharNepal
Rotary club of PashupatiKathmanduNepal
Rotary club of Kathmandu HeightLalitpurNepal
Rotary club of GongabuKathmanduNepal


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