Thank You to the Rotary Clubs below that have already signed the pledge!

Rotary Challenge

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Rotary has a history of taking on HUGE challenges!

And now our planet needs Rotary more than ever.

Rotary launched Polio Plus in 1985.  Through decades of commitment and hard work by Rotarians and our strategic partners, more than 2.5 billion children have received the oral polio vaccine and we have eradicated 99.9% of polio cases worldwide.


Our Next Global Challenge:  CLIMATE CHANGE


We are the largest service organization in the world with 1.2 million members and we can make more of an impact than any other organization!

Rotarians are people of action. We have created an action plan that you and your members can start TODAY to help save our planet.

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Dear Rotarians,

 I have set a personal goal to recruit Rotary Clubs in over 100 Countries to participate in the Global Climate Pledge by December 31st, 2021. This project is truly “Beneficial to all Concerned”! 


    1. As a Rotarian, please sign the Organizational Pledge Here.
    2. Input your Rotary information
    3. Select the action item: Share the Pledge with Members, Employees and Community.

 *Make sure you click the box to Include my business on Signatories Page” so we can add your Rotary club name. By doing this, we can let others know that Rotarian’s in Panama are participating in this project to Build Goodwill & Better Friendships while saving our planet.


Yours in Rotary

Steven Bender


Rotary Club of Newport Beach, California, USA

Co-Chair the Global Climate Pledge Challenge

Founding Director, US Green Chamber/Global Green Chamber


P.S.  I have signed the pledge as President of our Rotary Club, and I have also signed as an Individual!



Global Climate Pledge

  • We have the power to make a positive difference in our climate crisis.
  • We will use our power to do everything we can, through our actions and our voice, to bring about change. We will lead and encourage others to work as a team to solve this challenge.
  • Together, we will succeed !
  • The change begins here, with us, now

Climate Change and Peace

Climate change is one of the most persistent and exponentially growing threats to peace and security in our century. On a global scale, climate change affects all areas of peace building social conflict, large-scale migration, security, and development.

Climate Change is widely accepted to be a “threat multiplier” of existing risks. For example it can intensify political instability by putting extra stress due to depletion in resources, financial losses, migration and more. And the most vulnerable are at the highest risk of being affected.