About Us

We envision a world in which clothing does not cause climate change and where clothing does not cost us our health, our equality, our economy, or our integrity. To create such a world, we are building the premiere network and resource for sustainable fashion information and inspiration to drive climate action. 

Right now, the fashion industry is one of the top five most polluting industries in the world, emitting 2.1 billion metric tons of CO2 annually. In hopes of combatting this problem, our platform aims to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 in the fashion industry.

It’s important to us to redefine what sustainable fashion means. That, rather than simply leggings made out of recycled water bottles, sustainability can be chic and worn in any setting or situation. It’s equally important for us to push industry leaders to engage in more sustainable and ethical practices, to support and educate, and to provide equal access to information.


ALTR Magazine

ALTR Magazine is a digital publication that aims to bring forth a new vision of how we see and interact with fashion. Like a traditional fashion magazine, we provide fashion news, style inspiration, and lifestyle tips. However, we push beyond fashion as simply an aesthetic concept or a consumer industry. We ask challenging questions about sustainability, ethics, and social and environmental justice. Questions that are not discussed frequently enough in the mainstream fashion industry. 


ALTR is an open resource for anyone and everyone who wants to learn more about Sustainable Fashion. We invite you to challenge traditional perspectives of sustainable fashion that think it’s all about leggings made out of recycled plastic. Sustainable fashion is a growing movement and an ever-changing philosophy. There is no such thing as “perfect sustainability.” We are truly all just figuring it out together, and this magazine is more a collection of musings, discussions, and discoveries than a strict handbook or manual for sustainability.


There is a lot to learn about the environmental, social, and economic issues of the fashion industry, and as we discover the solutions we want to share and discuss them with you. Our hope that you will feel empowered to ask these tough questions too, and confident in your ability to interact with fashion consciously.


Sustainable Fashion Resources

Our team is currently developing sustainable fashion certifications and courses for both brands and consumers in order to help provide accessible education, spread awareness, and push the fashion industry to mitigate emissions. 

Our Values


We believe that we are all equal stakeholders in the world that we create, and that we should act as such. Our actions as fashion consumers and the actions of fashion businesses should reflect the empathy we have for our neighbors – both human and animal. By prioritizing our community over our individual selves we create a society that treats all living things with kindness and respect. 


We believe in the fair and equal treatment of all people from all over and are committed to increasing the transparency and social principles of the fashion industry in order to do so. As a team, and as people, we must maintain our integrity in upholding these beliefs to instigate this change. 


We believe in the inclusivity of people of all backgrounds, especially those who have been repeatedly underrepresented in the past. We are devoted to creating a society in which any person from any upbringing can relate to a member or leader of the fashion industry and thus feel both appreciated and empowered.


We will always push for justice through seeking solutions that both achieve equitable outcomes for all and address past injustices. This can only occur when all voices, especially of those historically marginalized, are brought to the table in decision-making processes. 


We believe in sustainability not only of environment, but also of people, of economy, and of culture. As such, our vision of a sustainable fashion future is incomplete without abundant empathy, inclusivity, justice, and love.




Global Climate Pledge