How do you keep your commitment?

Commitment is a key factor in maintaining your pledge, But, how do you keep your commitment? Dr. Jon Elster, a Norwegian social scientist who has studied precommitment, describes 5 different ways you can maintain a pledge. Check out the list and some examples below to learn how you can maintain your action items every day!
  • Eliminate the triggers

    For example, try not buying meat at all or even avoiding the meat section of the grocery store.

  • Make it difficult

    For example, instead of slowly starting to do something, just do it. Stop using your trash can for a week to force yourself to minimize your waste.

  • Give the control away

    For example, leave your car at a friend’s place to get yourself to use public transportation or bike around more.

  • Impose a penalty

    For example, keep track of the amount of money you spend every time you buy a plastic water bottle instead of using a reusable bottle. See how much money you spend on plastic bottles!

  • Automation

    For example, install light sensors so your lights turn off and on automatically, so you do not have to remember to turn them off yourself.

Download these trackers and checklists to help keep your commitment!


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