Umweltdachverband (UWD)

Umweltdachverband (UWD) is an environmental umbrella organization based in Vienna that contains 36 member organizations from the areas of environmental, nature and alpine protection, agriculture and forestry, as well as renewable energies from all over Austria, accounting for around 1.3 million members. They focus on comprehensive nature conservation but also on other commitments such as progressive climate change, rural development, biodiversity, and renewable energy expansion.


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The Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA)

CCCA is a non-profit association that is a research network supported by Austria’s most important research institutions. They promote climate and climate impact research as well as foster collaboration in and among those fields. Although they do not actively conduct the research, by coordinating Austrian climate research, they provide society and policymakers with scientifically sound information and advice on climate-relevant topics. One of their specific goals is to not only enhance climate research skills and capacities, but also climate change awareness and knowledge.


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CliMates Austria

CliMates Austria is a voluntary NGO and part of the international youth network CliMates. They influence climate policy, encourage young changemakers, make climate education and write about important climate policy issues. CliMates Austria was initiated with a concern over climate protection measures, injustices and future plans in Vienna at the 23rd UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bonn, Germany. Although they are a young organization, they have had many successes in being involved and representing the Austrian youth at important climate conferences.


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