The Kuntanawa Nation

The Kuntanawa are an indigenous nation residing in the State of Acre of the Amazon. There are a total of 100 people, and approximately 400 in different cities and communities along the riverside. Survival techniques and self-sustainability traditionally taught by ancestors needed to be relearned to protect their culture’s existence, following the genocide and enslavement by rubber-tappers in the 19th century. Haru Kuntanawa, current co-leader of the nation, recognized these past historical events, supported the rediscovery of his people’s ancestral traditions and fought for their sovereignty. He has since united and brought back the Kuntanawa’s pride in their indigenous identities, and continues to do so alongside co-leader and wife, Hayra Kuntanawa.


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Youth Climate Leaders

Youth Climate Leaders (YCL) is a global youth-driven organization that provides opportunities for youth to develop careers in climate action. Participants witness first-hand the impacts of climate change and improve their technical and leadership skills working together. Through immersive training and professional field placements, today’s youth are creating solutions for the climate crisis. YCL has trained more than 200 young individuals from 20 countries, and have reached over 1 million people through their social network.


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Friends of the Earth - Brazil

Friends of the Earth International is the world’s largest grassroots environment network with over 73 national member groups. With over 2 million members, Friends of the Earth works to create environmentally sustainable and socially just societies. In Brazil, Amigos da Terra Brasil was founded in 1964 as a women’s organization with a strong democratic mission. They have worked on issues such as GMOs, coastal issues, water quality, climate change and forests.


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Instituto Clima e Sociedade

Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS) is a philanthropic organization that promotes prosperity, justice and low carbon development in Brazil. This organization functions as a bridge between international and national financiers and local partners. They are part of a wide network of philanthropic organizations dedicated to building solutions to the climate crisis. ICS aims to address climate problems from a social lens and works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as generate improvements to quality of life.


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