Chad National Adaptation Plan Advancement Project

As a part of the United Nations Development Programme, the “Chad National Adaptation Plan Advancement Project” is intended to support the nation by meeting goals set by the Paris Agreement as well as global goals for low-carbon climate-resilient development through integrating climate change adaptation into long-term planning and budgeting of climate-sensitive sectors. The project’s activities will enable Chad to be endowed with a national framework that will produce forecasts and assess the production systems vulnerability to the adverse effects of climate change. 


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ENVODEV is a Chad NGO whose goal is to enable economic relief with a focus on vocational training and job creation through culturally and geographically relevant projects. They aim to utilize local community resources and develop new skills while alleviating the serious energy crisis in Chad. They are known to be active in Europe and in Chad and focus on their main two projects: the ecoCharcoal project and the improved cook-stoves project, which both coordinate with each other. These projects’ main objectives are to contribute to reducing deforestation levels and ease the current energy crisis.


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