Comité Nacional Pro-Defensa de la Fauna y Flora (CODEFF)

At its founding in 1968 by activist lawyer, Godofredo Stutzin, and other prominent professionals and scientists, CODEFF represented Chile’s first non-governmental environmental organization. Since then, the organization has continued to safeguard Chile’s biodiversity and natural resources with a commitment to environmental education, community involvement and the conservation and analysis of protected areas. Throughout its trajectory, the organization now oversees 6 major protected regions, provides educational opportunities to schools, manages a wildlife rehabilitation center and welcomes volunteers to provide their support in an array of opportunities, with the possibility of being democratically inducted into the organization’s directory.


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Fundación Sendero de Chile

Founded as an initiative to contribute to public environmental education, Fundación Sendero de Chile involves people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in the exploration of Chilean landscapes through trail and hiking groups, with other additional outdoor activities. By promoting community involvement and inclusivity, the foundation aims to instill feelings of belonging, environmental responsibility and admiration within those who take part in its outdoor programs. The organization hosts educational speakers, promotes ecotourism in collaboration with local businesses and has a variety of resources for those interested in trying out hiking and trekking activities on their own.


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