Cyprus Energy Agency

The Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA) is an independent, non-profit organization, founded in 2009. CEA was co-founded  by the European Commission, through the Programme “Intelligent Energy for Europe” and by the Cyprus Union of Communities, for its establishment and first three years of operation. Through this programme CEA is able to enhance the role of local authorities in sustainable energy planning, providing technical support for developing and implementing actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Through such programs, CEA works towards its mission of “actively contributing to saving energy resources, protecting the environment and improving quality of life.” All while staying true to their goal of the promotion of renewable energy sources, sustainable transport, improvement of energy efficiency, and contribution to the mitigation and adaptation to climate change. 


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Together Cyprus

Together Cyprus was founded with the aim of actively engaging its citizens on both environmental and social issues. Each of its actions are carried out in close cooperation with the Office of the Environmental Commissioner, and the Office of the Commissioner for Volunteerism and NGOs, as well as over six hundred collaborations established with local authorities. Together Cyprus is currently the only organization in Cyprus that has incorporated the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals into its agenda while pursuing a horizontal social welfare and circular economy strategy. Current programs include their Greening Cyprus initiative which works towards the restoration of areas that have historically been degraded by overexploitation, as well as the protection and promotion of cultural elements of the natural environment. 


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Lets Make Cyprus Green

Let’s Make Cyprus Green is a non-profit organization on a mission to spread awareness to the public about the negative human impact on the planet – especially the harm caused by excessive and improper disposal of waste, and the use of plastic. Through their regularly published “Green Tips”, they seek to educate the public on sustainable choices in energy, water, recycling, waste management, air quality and food, as well as sharing information on climate change and the environment. Additionally, as part of this program, Let’s Make Cyprus Green seeks to educate younger generations by delivering in-school presentations and offering beach clean-up field trips for students, while also hosting frequent documentary nights to further understanding of pressing social and environmental issues.”


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