ActionAid DRC

Actionaid is an international organization that works to end injustice, poverty, and build a sustainable future for all. It works in 6 continents and has a branch in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that works in 5 different provinces as well as 10 other territories in the DRC. Most Actionaid branches have a specific emphasis on women’s rights and gender equality. Some of their actions include creating children’s clubs, environmental education, training people in legal policies and to become paralegals, holding forums for discussion on injustice topics, promoting sustainable economic development, and funding new programs and associations.


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African Wildlife Foundation DRC

The African Wildlife Foundation is an organization concerned with the conservation of wildlife and natural resources in Africa. Its mission is to protect the beautiful natural landscape of Africa and push sustainable economic advancement during this critical time of development. Now is the time when countries such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo can transition to green practices while still achieving economic expansion. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the AWF is working to prevent poaching of endangered species such as the bonobo ape, establish sustainable resource management and agricultural practices, preserve the Congo Rainforest and Basin, and improve youth education on these important topics.


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