Greenland Climate Research Centre

The Greenland Climate Research Centre focuses on interdisciplinary research in processes and changes in the arctic marine ecosystem. They have a special focus on the effects of climate changes and the impacts and the needs in the Greenlandic society. The Greenland Climate Research Centre works hand in hand with Greenlandic citizens, local hunters and the commercial fishing industries, in order to understand and provide insights into the past, present and future use of natural resources.


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  • Greenland Climate Research Centre

    Greenland Institute of Natural Resources

    Kivioq 2

    Box 570

    3900 Nuuk


  •  +299 36 12 00

World Wildlife Fund Greenland

World Wildlife Fund Was the first global conservation organisation to open an office in Greenland.  The WWF aims to protect the vulnerable arctic as climate change is negatively impacting the conditions through supporting sustainable development and collaborating with local organisations and businesses.  One major issue WWF Greenland focuses on is reducing noise pollution, because more noise results in less life.  WWF works to encourage ships to sail around the vulnerable areas and reduce noise pollution. 


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