Legambiente is the most widespread environmental organization in Italy, with its headquarters in Rome, 20 regional branches and more than 115,000 members. They are open to both individuals and companies, and work with them to use scientific environmentalism to form policies and to advocate change for local, national and international stakeholders and institutions. They are also part of the Climate Action Network and prioritize climate change in their agenda. Some of their goals include striving for a green, circular economy, engaging communities to be leading actors of change, and improving quality of life for all. 


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Ecoistituto Alto Adige

Ecoistituto Alto Adige is an NGO that develops projects and concepts in areas of environmental education, mobility, climate protection, eco tourism, sustainable lifestyles and a sustainable economy for public and private clients. They are responsible for several projects at a national and international level and provide the public as well as private institutions with professional advice regarding sustainability. They cover a variety of fields, ranging from mobility, climate and energy, to organization of awareness-raising measures. Some of their projects toward climate energy involve education, hosting events, and maintaining their ComuneClima program that assists municipalities with implementing energy and environmental systems in their communities.


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  • Ökoinstitut Südtirol / Alto Adige Cooperative

    Via Talvera 2

    I-39100 Bolzano, Italy

  • +39 0471 057 300
  • info@ecoistituto.it