Institut de Recherche pour le Développement Mali

IRD is a French organization that conducts research and carries out projects in different parts of the world, with one of their branches being in Mali. They conduct research in West Africa to combat issues such as climate change, poverty, widespread health challenges, and natural resource degradation. Some of their more specific projects include identifying and implementing strategies to eliminate HIV and AIDS, conducting research of climate change for sustainable water practices, and promoting nutrition and agriculture while still preserving biodiversity and ecosystems.


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GCF Mali

The Green Climate Fund is a large international organization that works in many countries including Mali. According to their website, “the GCF is the world’s largest dedicated fund helping developing countries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and enhance their ability to respond to climate change.” One of their projects completed in Mali is titled the Mali Solar Rural Electrification Project. This is a $39 million project to install 4.83 megawatts of mini-grid PV solar panel systems in Mali. Another completed project is called the Hydromet Program, which is a $31 million project to develop hydro-meteorological weather warning services to Mali’s citizens, 80% of which depend on rain-fed agriculture, and 26% of which are directly exposed to droughts and flooding. 


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