Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation is the largest non-governmental organization in Mauritius, and is concerned primarily with the conservation of the endangered plants and animals in the country. This NGO was established in 1984 and has worked tirelessly towards the preservation of the unique landscape that is present in Mauritius. They take precautionary measures to ensure that the fauna and flora of the land are protected for generations to come and safe from the negative impact of human activities.


**Individuals, Organizations

Environmental Protection and Conservation Organisation (EPCO)

The Environmental Protection and Conservation Organisation (EPCO) works to conserve Mauritius’ biodiversity and decrease their vulnerability to climate change. Founded in the Republic of Mauritius in 1988, the NGO leads environmental awareness campaigns, establishes educational programs with primary and secondary schools, and conducts workshops on a wide range of environmental problems. Through their on-going projects such as the up-cycling program Made in Heaven and their NSIF Project, EPCO has become a leader in sustainable development and environmental awareness in Mauritius.


*** Individuals, Communities

Ahead Mauritius

Ahead Mauritius is an NGO that strives to help Mauritius become a more sustainable country through addressing poverty, environmental issues, access to clean water, and much more. Founded in 2007, the organization has a strong belief in grassroots mobilization, sustainable development, and women’s rights. Through focusing on environmentalism and human rights, Ahead Mauritius is making national change in the areas of environmental and social action.



Mauritius Marine Conservation Society (MMCS)

The Mauritius Marine Conservation Society (MMCS) works to protect marine ecosystems through focusing on research programs and raising public awareness. For over 30 years, the NGO has worked to educate local communities about the importance of biodiversity and the conservation of their rich marine resources. Through the research and awareness programs they lead, MMCS has made great strides in preserving a healthy marine environment for the long-term prosperity of Mauritius and its people.



Reef Conservation Mauritius

Reef Conservation Mauritius works to conserve and restore the coastal and marine environments of Mauritius through the implementation and management of research, conservation, and education. Established in 2004, the non-profit organization promotes community integration through awareness campaigns and encourages people to respect laws that aim to protect their national environment. Through programs like their Primary School Programme and their Marine Eco-Guide Trainings, Reef Conservation Mauritius is significantly contributing to the health and prosperity of marine ecosystems in Mauritius.