Mongol Ecology Center

The Mongol Ecology Center is an NGO based in Ulaanbaatar that strives to create a better future for Mongolia by preserving natural resources, the environment, and the cultural heritage of Mongolia. The MEC believes that establishing a network of national parks and protected areas is the best method of preserving the natural Mongolian environment. The MEC has also established the Lake Hovsgol Conservancy (LHC), a large subgroup of the MEC which acts as a specific support of the Lake Hovsgol National Park for its development of sustainable recreation, day-to-day management, and protection of wilderness and indigenous nomadic culture. 


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Green Focus Group

The Green Focus Group is an environmental NGO based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia which consists of smaller environmental groups that all work towards the same goal of increasing public awareness of environmental issues and supporting community-based resource management. They also promote environmental policy through collaboration with other NGOs, local communities, scientific organizations, and governmental bodies. The Green Focus Group primarily works by sponsoring public trainings, consultations, and participatory activities. They also conduct studies and are actively involved in public discussion on environmental and economic programs and projects. Their core team mainly consists of ecological scientists and specialists.


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