Natuur & Milieu

Natuur & Milieu is an independent environmental NGO committed to fostering a healthy and natural environment. They ultimately want to make the sustainable choice the attractive and accessible choice for consumers to CEOs. We are creating this environment for people and with people. Through cooperation with individuals, businesses and governments they strive to make powerful change in fields of renewable energy, sustainable mobility and healthy food. As their main priority areas are energy, mobility, consumption, and food, they believe in the importance of fighting climate change and the need for CO2 emission reduction.


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Fern is a Dutch foundation and an international NGO organized to keep track of and make many successful achievements with the European Union’s involvement in forest management and coordination of NGO activities at the European level. Fern mainly works to protect forests and the rights of people who depend on them, but also widen their scope to include issues on climate, development aid, trade and consumption. In order to tackle all these diverse areas, Fern collaborates with many environmental groups and social movements around the globe.


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