Mare Nostrum

Mare Nostrum is a Romanian organization founded in 1994 that advertises itself as “the most active environmental NGO in Constanta, Romania.” They envision a world of environmentally conscious and responsible communities that contribute to sustainable resource use and the preservation of biodiversity. Mare Nostrum’s project objectives include conservation on coastal and marine biodiversity as well as other natural resources, influencing environmental public policy, and providing education for sustainable development. 


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StrawberryNet is a network of NGOs in Romania striving to achieve the goals of environmental protection, sustainable development, and promotion of democracy and human rights. They achieve these goals through the medium of electronic telecommunication. StrawberryNet offers communication services, such as technical assistance on websites and applications, NGO communication trainings, assistance with organizational structure, and publication editing. They also hold workshops and conferences as well as promoting and advocating for campaigns and policy.


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Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation

The Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation is the Romanian Branch of a coalition of six organizations from central and eastern Europe. The REPF was established in 1998 to support and carry out community-based projects of environmental conservation and sustainable development. They wield a variety of programs and resources that seek to involve all stakeholders of society, including NGOs, local communities, businesses, the media, and the government. 


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