Ecodes is a Spanish non-governmental organization founded in 1992. Ecodes is guided by its overarching principle that all citizens of the world should be able to live on a healthy planet. They see this becoming a reality if organizations and people work together to collectively create a resilient, inclusive, and sustainable society and economy. Some of their initiatives include climate change mitigation and adaptation projects, clean energy research, legislative analysis, policy advocacy, and public educational programs. Much of their work is done in collaboration with other NGOs, Spanish government representatives, and organizations within the EU.


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Ecologistas en Acción

Ecologists in Action is a coalition of over 300 environmental groups within Spain. Ecologists in Action realizes that many environmental issues also stem from social causes, and that in order to achieve meaningful change on issues such as climate change, our globalized model of consumption and production must be reformed. They have a hired staff but most of their work comes from volunteers, members, activists, and collaborators. Some of their work includes research and publications on climate change and pollution, evaluations of climate summits, educational summer camps, trainings, and educational campaigns. 


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International Institute for Law and the Environment (IIDMA)

The International Institute for Law and the Environment (IIDMA) is a legal institute in Spain formed to respond to the need for environmental protection litigation. Their vision is to protect the environment from degradation and promote sustainable development through legal means. The institute’s avenues of achieving its vision include: research on how to improve and enforce environmental law, offering education and training in the form of seminars, conferences, and courses, and providing legal advisement and representation to citizens, governmental agencies, NGO’s, and private institutions.


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