Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation has been Sweden’s most influential environmental organization for decades and currently has over 200,000 members. They are known to apply pressure to politicians, influence legislation, inform – including through their own magazines, books and press material – and organize seminars, debates and conferences. Some of their priority areas, both nationally and globally, include climate change, seas and fishing, forests, agriculture and environmental toxins. SSNC also has their own environmental certification system for a range of products, Good Environmental Choice, where it allows consumers to choose products with the least environmental damage. Under democratic forms, they even work with around 40 organizations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, and also participate in various networks globally and within the EU.


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Climate Sweden

Climate Sweden is a network of organizations and individuals whose purpose is to gather, broaden and strengthen the climate movement. The organizations and individuals under Climate Sweden take climate research warnings seriously and want Sweden to lead a fast and equitable global transition to a society that respects the planet’s ecological and climate boundaries. Over 170 organizations, including 350.org, has joined their network to help broaden the climate movement by bringing together individual and civil society actors.


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Climate Action Sweden

Climate Action Sweden is a politically and religiously independent organization formed in 2008 that bases their positions on scientific research on the climate. They aim to build a popular movement based on local organizations / networks. They are known for doing work such as informing about climate change through opinion formation, their website, newsletters, articles in the media, calls etc. They also set up study circles and meetings, conduct politically influential work and collaborates with other international organizations.


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