Swiss Climate Alliance

The Swiss Climate Alliance is a NGO that strives for an ambitious, fair and sustainable climate policy for Switzerland. These climate policies are based on scientific results, and are committed to at least implementing the objectives of international climate agreements. The organization has more than 80 Switzerland organizations as members and puts their attention on topics such as biodiversity, divestment, fossil fuel emissions, poverty, the Arctic, climate justice and climate funding.


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Swiss Youth for Climate (SYFC)

The Swiss Youth for Climate is a NGO that has built an extensive national and international network despite being established since only 2015. With their regional groups residing in six cities in Switzerland, they conduct national political projects, and participate in international climate negotiations. Some of their goals include advocating for climate policies at the national and international level as well as raising awareness about the climate crisis.


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Noé21 is a NGO that was established to initially explore and promote environmental fiscal reform. Noé21 has since then expanded to more solutions such as encouraging behaviour change, energy efficiency and local renewable energy sourcing. They also promote solutions to climate change, such as the energy transition. They evaluate solutions and through research, seminars, animations in school and public events, they advocate these solutions to decision makers.


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