Enaya works with partners around the world to promote policies and expand access to agricultural services for the people of Yemen. They work to help farmers in various governorates to continue farming and maintain sustainable agriculture. Using field scans, Enaya has identified target areas to have awareness and training programs in first veterinary aid, maintenance and installation of solar energy systems, increasing the seed and crop production, and successful marketing of agricultural crops.


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International Youth Council Yemen

The International Youth Council Yemen (IYCY) is a nonprofit, non-governmental, and youth-led organization that focuses not only on youth and women but also on the community as a whole. IYCY’s projects include WASH, Nutrition, Food Security, Health, Shelter, Protection, Governance, Education, Peace, Energy, Environment and Climate Change as well as Youth development. These programs aim to spread awareness among young Yemeni people through a participatory framework.


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Solutions for Sustainable Societies

Solutions for Sustainable Societies (TRI-S) is an initiative working to create sustainable lifestyles for rural communities in Yemen by spreading awareness and creating efficient solutions that ensure a sustainable and clean environment. Their goal is to improve livelihoods, empower women, and protect the environment by enhancing green economy and creating a sustainable lifestyle in the targeted communities.


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