Individuals who have signed the Global Climate Pledge

We are honored to have the following individuals lead the climate action movement in their cities, countries, and regions!

Together we will build a global legacy to protect our planet.

749 Pledged and counting...

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First NameLast NameCityCountry
MariaZucoKissimmeeUnited States
SallieBensonWaxhawUnited States
NathanHartmanPrincetonUnited States
TroyOlsonDuluthUnited States
HeatherLewisCotuitUnited States
DavidWollensakMarstons MillsUnited States
RichardFlanniganTacomaUnited States
AlexisHENTGESClear lakeUnited States
HeatherMargPrincetonUnited States
PamDorionNisswaUnited States
EmilyKosokarGolden ValleyUnited States
HaleyLudwigPrincetonUnited States
Mark TristanPatenaIloilo CityPhilippines
SusanRoersRandolphUnited States
DanRichardsonSaint Louis ParkUnited States
MayaZookSaint PaulUnited States
JohnBolnickIsantiUnited States
MylesHagenSt. CloudUnited States
MeganEspedalOtsegoUnited States
DavidKnollMinneapolisUnited States
JoshuaRichardsonSaint CloudUnited States
JeannieBolnickPrincetonUnited States
DebbieRussellClear LakeUnited States
RhaneJonesChapel HillUnited States
First NameLast NameCityCountry


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